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S L T Speed Teaching
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There are several "speed learning programs" costing hundreds of dollars.
Most are designed to aid business and industry in remembering names, dates and data quickly.
Although SLT has been taught to many major industries it was primarily designed to help high school and college students absorb information quickly and remember it longer.
It covers sciences, histories, literature,
languages, arts, geography and more...

There are seven steps in 
the S L T   process 
The best known and most entertaining aspect of any such course is  the memory scenes created to help associate words with symbols.

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There is a difference in telling and teaching
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About 20 % of people can do effective memory devices.
Many people can not.
almost 100% of people can apply those techniques to speed learn material .
Stories, presentations, exercises and
pictures are better than acronyms.
Hi Q Speed teaching uses the best memory devices to help you learn faster 
and more effectively.
If you are one of the 20% and you have a good memory device ( called mneumoncs),
post it and
tell us about it at HiQ Media 
We will review it and recommend the best.

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